Yes, You Need a Permit to Get Married at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Wedding Permit Shoshone Point

Before you can start happily ever after with a Grand Cayon wedding or elopement, you’ll need to get the paperwork in order. Grand Canyon National Park requires a Special Use Permit for all ceremonies, no matter how small. 

Grand Canyon Wedding Packages helps with every step of the process, down to a final review of the application before you submit it. Let’s talk through the timeline and application process. 

Grand Canyon Wedding Permit Rainbow
Before you can get married at one of the designated spots, like Shoshone Point, you’ll need a Grand Canyon wedding permit, also known as a Special Use Permit.

Grand Canyon National Park Wedding Ceremony Permit

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most helpful in the park system when it comes to getting married or eloping. Combined with our experience planning Grand Canyon weddings, the permit process is easy and efficient. 

The paperwork required for a Grand Canyon Wedding is called a Special Use Permit (SUP). Only the couple getting married can apply for a permit and sign it. That’s a park rule. Here’s the Special Use Permit Application for Grand Canyon weddings and elopements.

Application submissions are accepted up to a year in advance but not less than four weeks out. Our experience shows that the earlier you submit, the better chance you have since consideration are first-come, first-served. The National Park Service does not consider expedited requests. Contact us immediately if your wedding date is less than 45 days away. 


A Special Use Permit is not required for a Grand Canyon proposal. We can help you find the perfect spot.

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Important Things to Know About Your Grand Canyon Wedding Permit Application

After you’ve determined your wedding date, it’s time to choose a location in Grand Canyon National Park. Several approved locations are available for consideration, and each spot offers incredible views but unique aspects.

We have an amazing Look Book of all spots to help you find the right one. We’ve helped with countless weddings at each location through every season. 

If you have your heart set on a particular location, it’s good to have a preferred date in mind as well as an alternate date.  If your date is set in stone, it’s good to have a preferred location and a backup in mind, just in case.

grand canyon wedding packages lipan point desert view watchtower
Grand Canyon wedding permits are issued throughout the year, offering several ideal locations for a winter Grand Canyon wedding.

Simple, Scenic Wedding Guidelines

Keep in mind that the preservation of the national park will be a top priority over decorations or other items that could impede or harm the surroundings during a Grand Canyon wedding. Floral displays are limited to small bouquets and boutonnieres to avoid bringing invasive species into the environment.

Other things to consider that won’t be allowed are chairs, tables, amplified music or sounds, signs, balloons, and arches. Plus, nothing can be thrown, like rice or flower petals.

All sites are within easy walking distance, with one requiring creative carpooling, which we have down to a science. 

Flowers for a Grand Canyon wedding
Small, simple floral bouquets are allowed per the conditions of a Grand Canyon wedding permit.

Submit the Application

We’re happy to review the application with you before you submit it to ensure every aspect is covered. Rejected applications can happen if the form is incomplete, requiring couples to start over again.

Once you’ve sent the application via email, a confirmation of receipt will be sent, prompting you to pay the proper permit fee. The cost is $240 for all sites except for Shoshone Point, which is $500. However, don’t send payment until the park office requests it. 

Once it is approved, the park service will send you the permit. You must read, sign, and return the permit to get the final okay. An authorized copy will be sent afterward.  

DID YOU KNOW?: The permit does NOT cover the entrance fee to Grand Canyon National Park for the guests but will cover it for the couple. 

Grand Canyon wedding permit Shoshone Point

Grand Canyon Wedding Packages for You

No matter how big or small you want the Grand Canyon elopement or wedding to be, our expert and friendly team takes the stress and worry out of the big day. Getting the Grand Canyon permit for your wedding is one big checkmark off the to-do list!