The 6 Stunning Grand Canyon Wedding Locations

The Grand Canyon National Park is a uniquely beautiful venue for elopements, intimate weddings and marriage proposals.  In the South Rim area, there are six approved wedding locations.  Each location requires a Special Use Permit from the National Park Service and permit fees currently range from $240 – $500; permit fees are separate from our package rates.  Grand Canyon Wedding Packages offers a variety of options at each of the approved wedding locations.  Below, we have shared some basic information and photos of all the sites.  For more information about any of these locations, or to book a wedding package, please call or email us anytime.

List of the 6 Grand Canyon Wedding Sites

1. Shoshone Point

Shoshone Point is beautiful wedding site that can be reserved for private events.  This site is seasonal and only available between May 1 and October 15.  If offers a covered pavilion with picnic tables, grills, trash cans, and a restroom. It is the only outdoor location within the National Park where you can have a wedding reception.  There are 2 options in this area for where to hold your ceremony.  Option 1 is the “point”, which is stunning but only suitable for smaller groups of about 20 or less; it is also uncomfortable for some people who are afraid of heights.  Option 2 is a flat area next to the pavilion that has a nice view of the Canyon.  The flat area is used for larger ceremonies of 20+ guests. Parking is limited and some guests may need to be shuttled from other parking areas along Desert View Rd.  Group shuttle service is available to this site through Xanterra.

2. Moran Point

Moran Point is one of our favorite wedding sites because there are a couple of different viewpoints, away from the main tourist lookout, where we can offer some privacy for our wedding ceremonies or proposals.  It is a beautiful location that can accommodate groups up to 35.  Parking is available onsite.

3. Lipan Point

grand canyon wedding locations lipan point

Lipan Point is an all-time favorite location that boasts gorgeous views of the Colorado River, and panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.  There are also a couple of viewpoints at this location, away from the main viewpoint that we like to use for more privacy.  This location can accommodate groups up to 35.  Parking is available onsite but can be limited during peak times.

4. Rim Worship Site

This location is just west of Bright Angel Lodge, along the Rim Trail.  It is very convenient and well within walking distance for any group that plans to stay at the Village Lodges (El Tovar, Thunderbird, Kachina, Bright Angel, and Maswik).  This site can accommodate groups up to 50.

5. Grandeur Point

grand canyon wedding locations grandeur point

Grandeur Point is the second closest site to the Grand Canyon Village area.  It is accessed from the same parking area as Yavapai Point and Yavapai Geological Museum.  The parking area is quite large, but it can fill up during busy times of the day.  There are restroom facilities near the parking lot.  The walk to Grandeur Point from the parking area is about a 5 to 7 minute walk down the paved Rim Trail.   This site is very popular with tourists, especially near sunset.

6. Pima Point

grand canyon wedding locations pima point

This is a beautiful location that is suitable for small groups of 10-15.  It is only available in December, January and February while Hermit Road is open to vehicle traffic; the remainder of the year it is for buses only.  We don’t typically see a lot of tourists at this particular site.  Parking is available right behind the site.