Weddings at Grand Canyon West vs. Grand Canyon National Park

Are you wondering what the difference is between weddings at Grand Canyon West and the Grand Canyon National Park?

Well, we have found that there is much confusion, particularly among Las Vegas visitors and international Couples, as to the differences between these two areas. So, we would like to share our thoughts with you, in hopes of helping Couples choose the perfect wedding location.

picture of the Grand Canyon West skywalkGrand Canyon West is an area in the far West corner of Arizona, on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and is not part of the National Park.  This area is approximately 2 hours from Las Vegas; about 122 miles.  For visitors that are short on time, or that have never seen the Grand Canyon South Rim, this area may be a great choice.  Amenities are a bit more limited in this area, so it is best considered for a day trip.  This location operates as more of a paid attraction and requires a moderate budget to partake in all of the activities. The most popular attraction to this area is the glass Skywalk that jets out over the Canyon.  There are 3 other viewpoints in this area, and the scenery is different than what you would expect at the South Rim; in our opinion it’s a little less “Grand”.  There are options for weddings on land at their 3 viewpoints as well as the Skywalk, and there are other options that include helicopters taking you to the bottom of the Canyon to be married.  This is the only part of the Grand Canyon where helicopters are permitted to actually land within the Canyon.  You will find various companies online offering helicopter wedding packages.  The price point at Grand Canyon West is typically quite a bit more than the wedding options available at the South Rim.  Another important consideration is that many of the companies offering wedding packages in this area are from Las Vegas and their officiants are legally ordained in Las Vegas.  This fact means that your Marriage License will be signed in Nevada and will state that you were married in Las Vegas vs. the Grand Canyon.  This may not matter to some, but we find that most of our clients are coming from very far away to be married at the “Grand Canyon” and would like their Marriage License to reflect that. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quick trip from Las Vegas and don’t care about seeing the Grand Canyon National Park; then Grand Canyon West might be something to consider.

photo of wedding couple at the Grand Canyon at sunsetThe Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim area is “synonymous” with the GRAND CANYON and displays amazing views that people come from all over the world to see.  The South Rim area is run by the National Park Service and this is where we offer our wedding packages.  There are over 2 dozen stunning viewpoints to explore, as well as the Grand Canyon Village area with art studios.  It is approximately 5 hours from Las Vegas, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Flagstaff, and 3 hours and 45 minutes from Phoenix.  This area is more established and offers more to see, more to do and many more amenities than either the West Rim or the North Rim.  Once you enter the park, there are many free activities that can keep you busy for at least a few days.  Most tours and paid activities; including our wedding packages, are more budget friendly than what you will find offered at the West Rim. All of our weddings take place at one of 6 beautiful overlooks within the National Park that are approved as wedding sites. These overlooks are all locations that can be reached by car, so there is no hiking involved (except a short trail at Shoshone Point).  Some locations require a short walk from the parking area, but overall they are easily accessible.  Helicopters are not permitted to land anywhere within the National Park, so a helicopter wedding package is not something that is available at this location.  We offer vow renewals, proposals, elopement weddings, wedding picnics, plus larger weddings and receptions throughout the South Rim area.  Please feel free to review all the options on our website.

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