6 Best Grand Canyon National Park Wedding Locations

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Few national parks are as accommodating as Grand Canyon National Park for weddings and elopements. While you can’t go wrong with any of the 6 top locations for a Grand Canyon wedding, each spot brings something special. 

To help you prepare for a wedding at the Grand Canyon, we want to share our insight after decades of planning events on the South Rim. Be sure to pair this with our Grand Canyon Month-by-Month Weather Wedding Guide to help find the right time of year and spot for your special day. 

Shoshone Point

Elevation: 7,300”

Special Use Permit Fee: $500

Shoshone Point brings a trifecta of wonderful wedding benefits. First, it’s a secluded spot that can be reserved for your Grand Canyon wedding party, no more than 30 minutes from Grand Canyon Village. While other sites have a two-hour time limit, the limit is six hours here. 

Second, the views are great from the picnic area or on Shoshone Point, which is also home to Shoshone Rock, a unique formation and photo op. Finally, it’s the only wedding site location at the rim that allows receptions. Up to 85 people are allowed, including all guests and staff.

The ramada, picnic area, and restroom facilities are at the end of a mile-long dirt road. Aside from the occasional hikers, this area offers privacy and space. The only things to consider are the fact that it’s only available from May 15 through October 15, and the vertigo-inducing point might be a bit overwhelming for some guests.

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Grandeur Point

Elevation: 7,050’

Special Use Permit Fee: $240

Grandeur Point is one of the closest approved wedding spots to Grand Canyon Village, with an easy walk on the paved Trail of Time. It shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to walk from the parking area. That also means restrooms are close by.

The site accommodates up to 45 people, with a bright rock outcropping and one of the most beautiful sunset views in the park. While the crowds will gather, this isn’t nearly as popular as other sunset viewing locations like Yavapai or Hopi Points. 

This spot would be especially important to couples with a love of Bright Angel Trail, as the overlook peers down to Jacob’s Ladder switchbacks, Havasupai Gardens, the Battleship, and Plateau Point. 

Rim Worship Site

Elevation: 6,800’

Special Use Permit Fee: $240

The Rim Worship Site comes with a stone altar used for park religious services, and it’s available for weddings with up to 50 people allowed. This location is closest to the lodging on the South Rim and rises straight up above the Bright Angel Trail’s first set of switchbacks. 

The Rim Trail is paved and level, with great views along the 15-30 minute walk from the collection of hotels nearby. All eyes will be on you as this is a more popular section of the Rim Trail. The Rim Worship Site pairs perfectly with the Grand Canyon Railway Adventure Elopement package.

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Moran Point

Elevation: 7,000’

Special Use Permit Fee: $240

Near the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon, Moran Point’s wedding site offers the best of the North and South Rims. Plus, solitude and spectacular colors evolve as the sun’s rays strike different angles on the Painted Desert. The ceremony spaces are away from the main lookout, offering more privacy.

A spectrum of geology unfolds arguably the most stunning look at the rock layers. Plus get a unique look into the dazzling Red Canyon, peeks of the Colorado River rapids, and a view of the Sinking Ship rock formation. Across the way, peer into Angels Window or spot Point Imperial, the highest spot on the North Rim (8,803’).

Accessing Moran Point required an 18-mile drive on Desert View Road, where a parking lot with more than 40 spots is right by the overlook. This location is especially dazzling at sunrise or sunset. It’s the least crowded of our top 6 Grand Canyon wedding locations.

Moran Point Wedding Grand Canyon
Moran Point is one of six Grand Canyon wedding locations that offer the best views.

Lipan Point

Elevation: 7,400’

Special Use Permit Fee: $240

The easternmost spot of approved Grand Canyon wedding locations has the best views looking west into the Canyon, with only the birds overhead getting a better look. 

The epic spot shows extensive curves of the Colorado River along the deepest gorges and a view of the whitewater rapids that make the river so mighty. The views extend nearly 360°. There’s a viewing platform, but there’s also a more intimate area available for wedding events away from the crowds. 

Lipan Point is also five minutes from the highest spot on the South Rim at the Desert View Watchtower, a historical tower standing 70 feet above the edge of the canyon. The impressive views are enhanced by special viewing tools that reduce sun glare and focus on the intricate layers of color on canyon walls.

Groups of up to 35 people are allowed at Lipan Point, but parking is limited, and it’s a 40-minute drive back to Grand Canyon Village. 

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Pima Point

Elevation: 6,500’

Special Use Permit Fee: $240

The westernmost approved wedding spots on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim can only be considered for a winter wedding, but what a wonderland site it would be. That seclusion pays off as it’s also one of the only South Rim spots where you can hear the roar of the Colorado River 4,000 feet below.

Hermit Road is only open to private vehicles during the shuttle off-season, which is December through February. However, it’s also one of the first roads to close when winter weather is approaching or a winter storm bears down. 

Views here showcase the Cataract Plains plateau and Granite Gorge, the oldest bedrock in Arizona. What a great foundation to start your new married life on! 

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Map of Top 6 Locations for a Grand Canyon Wedding

List of Top 6 Locations for a Grand Canyon Wedding

  1. Shoshone Point
  2. Grandeur Point
  3. Rim Worship Site
  4. Moran Point
  5. Lipan Point
  6. Pima Point

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Have You Picked a Favorite Grand Canyon Wedding Location? 

Just writing this article brought back so many memories of wonderful weddings we’ve helped plan at each location, and we can’t wait to start planning yours. Call or email us with any questions so we can find the perfect spot for your dream Grand Canyon wedding.