Updates to Special Use Wedding Permit Applications

News Alert about Special Use Permit Applications at Grand Canyon National Park

There are VERY important updates to share regarding the Special Use Permit Application process at the Grand Canyon National Park. See below for 2022 and 2023 permit application information:

FOR 2022 WEDDINGS: The Park Service will begin accepting Special Use Permit applications for 2022 wedding dates on November 1 this year. If you are getting married in 2022, we highly recommend selecting your date this November. There will be a new form released and you must apply on or after November 1 using the new form.

FOR 2023 WEDDINGS: You will only be able to submit Special Use Permit Applications for 2021 wedding dates between October 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. This is a very limited time frame! If you are planning a 2023 wedding, we highly recommend selecting your wedding date by October 2022!